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Kshanam Movie Review



Rishi (Adivi Sesh) Shwetha (Adah Sharma) were college sweethearts who parted ways for various reasons. On her request, Rishi comes to Hyderabad to see Shwetha after 4 years. Little did Rishi know that Shwetha is in danger and her daughter Riya was kidnapped. What’s shocking is that Riya’s identity, traces have been wiped out. People, including Shwetha’s husband Karthik make others believe that they don’t have child and Shwetha is going through mental agony. How Rishi unravels the missing mystery of Riya is all Kshanam about.


Kudos to newcomer director Ravikanth who did a splendid job. While the film’s first half suffers to an extent, pre-interval the film picks up and post-interval the film turns out to be interesting. Saniel Deo’s cinematography is not so impressive. Sesh and Ravikanth’s back and forth screenplay appeals. All the dots are connected well. It’s the second-half of the film that connects with you well. On the whole, Kshanam is well conceived film. However, director fails to establish the romance between lead pair Rishi, Shwetha.


Kshanam has mostly good performances. Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Anasuya, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh all did fabulous work. The film totally runs on Sesh.

Plus Points

Suspense Element

Second Half


Adivi Sesh



Minus Points

Draggy First Half

Adivi Sesh

Adah’s Romantic Episode

Finally Kshanam is an emotional ride with many good thrills if and then. If you’re great lover of crime mysteries, Kshanam is your cup of tea. Watch it once. Thrills assured.

Rating: 3.5/5.0



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