12/29/15 12:07 PM

KTR – The Best Minister in KCR’s Cabinet

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Many were unhappy that Telangana CM KCR offered ministries to his son KTR and a nephew and is thus encouraging political inheritance. But they are fulfilling responsibilities and excelling very well in politics. Especially Telangana IT Minister KTR is presently regarded as the best minister in CM KCR’s cabinet. KTR is said to be very efficient though he is younger and less experienced than most senior politicians in KCR’s cabinet.

The popular talk among Telangana government circles is…When someone voluntarily puts in front of other ministers, the files regarding problems faced by public or the proposals that provide solutions to them, they drag the matter for months or years without giving clearance to them. Many IAS officials who get stuck up in such a situation are now-a-days approaching KTR though he is not a minister of the concerned department. KTR then gives a call to the respective minister and gets the proposal approved. There have been many such instances.

Many schemes and programs initiated by Telangana CM KCR so far are the ideas put forward by his son, IT Minister KTR. Also KTR is very active on social media, which gets him closer to public. He is now coming up yet again with innovative ideas to suit present day scenario. KTR is designing programs to come much closer to public. To those who want to bring to his notice the various problems faced by common people and for public and celebs who would like to question him on various issues, KTR is providing a chance. Just like Town Hall Meetings held in America, KTR has decided a few days ago to conduct meetings in Telangana state. In this context, the first meeting is going to be held tomorrow evening at 6:45 PM in Shilparamam in Hyderabad city. Anyone who wants could join the meeting and notify problems directly to KTR.



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