11/14/15 4:29 PM

Kumari 21 F Intimate Scenes Stun Censor Board




Sukumar is one among the most creative directors in Tollywood. Though any of his projects fails at box-office, his creative genius is visible in the film. Sukumar’s films are basically family entertainers. A whole family together can watch his films since neither do heroines do expose much nor do they utter foul words. Sukumar takes utmost care even in the case of item songs in his film to see that there is no over-exposing. For his forthcoming project, Sukumar has handed direction responsibility over to his student. He himself scripted down story and produced the film Kumari 21 F. But director of the film, Palanati Pratap seems to have crossed boundaries while making the film. The film was censored yesterday. Kumari 21 F being a Sukumar’s film, the censor board members made up their mind with certain expectations to watch the film. To their surprise, the intimate scenes between hero and heroine, and exposing in the film was filmed to such an extent that they were totally stunned on watching them. Officials have reportedly said that they had not watched such extremely bold scenes in any film in past 20 years. Finally, they clipped off the intimate scenes and issued A certificate for Kumari 21 F.



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