11/24/15 1:11 PM

Kumari 21F – Carbon Copy of French Film?

Released on 20th November, Kumari 21F is performing well at box-office. The film has been slowly gaining attention day by day. The makers of the film are all excited with the way it is being shot. Usually, whenever a film from Sukumar hits the theatres, movie buffs and common audiences enjoy a lot. But Kumari 21F is way different from the director’s other films. Also the film Kumari 21 F has been involoved in a controversy. Some say that the story of the film is a copy of a French film. However, contrary to what the unit of Kumari 21F is claiming the movie as original, it is a blatant copy of a 2004 released French film titled ‘Lila Says’, say some.  Critics have been analysing. They are arriving at different conclusions. The writer of the film, Sukumar had lifted not only the story but also the characterization and scene by scene presentation from the original ‘Lila Says’, say critics. Those who have watched the original film Lila Says have been confirming that it is true. As of now, no one from the film unit has accepted this. But let us wait to hear it from Sukumar. The film is already running with profits and packed houses.

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