08/24/15 7:48 AM

Lady Doctor Killed for Apple iPhone


A horrific incident in which a lady doctor was put to death by an Engineering student for the sake of Apple iPhone took place in Chennai. A doctor named Sathya joined Keelpakkam government medical college in Chennai three months ago for pursuing M.S. Sathya belonged to Turaimangala of Perumbaluru district in Tamil Nadu. She rented a flat in Keelpakkam Tailors road. Sathya was murdered on 20th, after which her parents informed the same to police, who filed a complaint.




As a part of probe into Sathya’s murder case, when police officials strongly questioned Harindam Bebnath residing in 1st  floor of the same apartment, he agreed that he had committed themurder. He disclosed to have committed the crime while trying to steal an Apple iPhone worth Rs.80,000 from Sathya. When he entered Sathya’s flat secretly on 20th night to steal the iphone, Harindam said that Sathya suddenly woke up and saw him. Out of fear that she will complain to police about him, he said that he killed the lady doctor. Police filed complaint and arrested him.



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