06/9/15 12:35 PM

Lagadapati’s Lanco to Supply Power to Telangana State

kcr lanco lagadapati


The Telangana government has decided to purchase 325 megawatt of power from former MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal’s Lanco group. It has also been confirmed by the energy officials of Telangana state. The government would be purchasing each unit at Rs.4.70 from Lanco. The TS government is already buying power of around 1,000 mW paying Rs. 5.99 per unit from private merchant power generation units like Simhapuri, Meenakashi, thermal Powertech in Krishnapatnam of Nellore district to satisfy the needs of its state. The increasing demand for electric power in Telangana and Lanco coming forward to provide the resource for lowest rates compared to other units, Telangana government has decided to buy power from Lanco. The incident became noteworthy because the TRS government is associating with Lagadapati, who was one among the main persons who fought against separate Telangana. The power generation units of Lanco are also located in AP. The power generated by Lanco in AP will be provided to Telangana in the coming days.



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