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Law in Satyam Fraud v/s Law in Salman Hit-and-Run




Everyone is equal before eyes of law, nobody can escape from the eyes of law, the law is the law, bla bla bla… All such sayings are good to hear but when it comes to practicality, none works out. Here is an example that proves degraded Indian law. Law is being manipulated as per the convenience of advocate arguing the case and judge pronouncing verdict.

Consider Satyam Ramalinga Raju’s case. Committing to fraud in accounts of the corportate company, not being able to account to the manipulations done by him, he is imprisoned. There is nothing much inferred by police or government in the case. Since Ramalinga Raju himself agreed about the fraud, court concluded the case faster.

Coming to Salman Khan’s case… He drove his car in totally drunken state and killed a person. Least bothered about the victims, Salman ran away. The court, after believing that Salman himself drove the car awarded sentence of 5 years to him. Without even spending a day in jail, Mumbai High Court granted bail to him, suspended verdict pronounced by lower court and accepted Salman’s appeal petition for inquiry. Until High Court finishes procedure and pronounces verdict, Salman is free. In case High Court awards punishment, there comes into picture the next apex Supreme Court.

Ramalinga Raju and Salman Khan are two biggies in the society. But one of them is experiencing imprisonment and the other is freely roaming about in the society after committing crimes.

The following questions arise when the above two cases are studied.

1.Loss of money or loss of life, which is more brutal crime? Is money valued more than life?

2.One who realizes or one who escapes, who is greater?

3.In Satyam fraud case, High Court clearly said that it would not interfere in a case being dealt by lower court. But in Salman’s case, HC said that lower court did not properly carryout trials. Shouldn’t a same procedure be followed in all courts?

4.Those who are requesting reduction in sentence for Salman for service done by him to manking, do they know about service done by Ramalinga Raju?

5.It took 13 years for sessions court to pronounce verdict in Salman Khan’s case. If it takes 13 more years in High Court and another 13 years in Supreme Court, by the time final verdict is pronounced, Salman would be aged 66. By chance he passes away before verdict is pronounced, who will the court punish? Many cases are deing delayed this way. Doesn’t ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ implement in our jurisdiction?

6.Court of law that is a failure in implementing law has no right to point at mistakes of other systems.

Many more questions… with no answers. But we should never stop questioning. Keep asserting. We will get the answers at sometime or the other. Korada.com is trying to keep all such questions alive!

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