11/24/15 12:22 PM

Little Soldiers ‘Baby kavya’ to Get Married



Kavya Annapareddy aka ‘Baby Kavya’, popular for her role as Bunny in 1996 blockbuster Little Soldiers film is engaged to Kushal Hippalgaonkar. Wedding reception was celebrated on a grand note in Hyderabad on Sunday. The families and close friends of both Kavya and Kushal graced the event and blessed the new couple entering wed lock. The two were engaged in December 2014 and will tie the knot in a private ceremony in Kerala later this week. Kavya is a doctor and she is the daughter of internationally popular Indian doctor Guruva Reddy, based in Hyderabad. Also, Kavya is the niece of Telugu film maker, Yellow Pages head Gunnam Gangaraju, who made Little Soldiers. Korada.com wishes Kavya and Kushal a very happy married life.

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