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Loafer Movie Review | Varun Tej | Puri Jagan




Loafer movie starring Varun Tej and debutant Disha Patani in lead roles, directed by Puri Jagannadh, produced by C.Kalyan, featuring Revathy, Posani in supporting roles has hit the theatres today. Varun Tej who gave satisfactory feel to audiences through Mukunda bagged great appreciation through Kanche. Now, let us see what he has done through his third film Loafer! Have a look Loafer movie review and rating below.


Lakshmi (Revathy) and Murali (Posani) fall in love with each other and get married. Lakshmi’s brother (Mukhesh Rishi) is against their marriage. After son Raja (Varun Tej) is born, Murali stars harassing Lakshmi to get her share of property. Later, Murali goes away from wife along with his son. He brings Raja up as a pickpocket and a loafer. Revathy’s niece Parijatham’s (brother’s daughter-Disha Patani) wedding will be fixed with a rich man (Ali). Parijatham who does not want to get married to him runs away from home and reaches Jodhpur. Raja and Parijatham fall in love with each other. Raja gets to know who his mother is. How he strives to gain mother’s love, how the mother and son unite, does Parijatham and Raja’s love drive them to marriage?…Watch Loafer on big screen to know!


There is no freshness in the story. Puri Jagannadh showed Varun Tej as a mass hero during entire first half. As Puri already said, this is a story written based on a thin line. While some scenes framed around this line have come out well, some are just normal. Puri dedicated Varun’s character to loafer-like acts and romance in first half and made second half highly emotional. Varun Tej’s performance, dances and fights are superb. Disha Patani’s height is great but her facial features are not. She is just another average heroine. Posani delivers dialogues as if he is yelling, which irks audiences in some scenes. Revathy’s acting is natural. Ali’s character came out well. Brahmanandam acted in yet another routine character. Mukhesh Rishi did well. Sunil Kashyam delivered good music for songs and background score as well. P.G.Vinda’s cinematography is good.


Loafer is a blend of mass and sentiment. While class audiences like a part of the film, mass audiences like the other part of it. The film satisfies neither of them completely. Varun Tej seems to have missed hat-trick.

Loafer Movie Rating – 2.25/5.0


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