05/4/15 5:43 AM

Lok Satta JP Fires on KCR’s Government

lok satta jp

lok satta jp


Lok Satta Jay Prakash Narayan announced war over KCR in the scenario of nearing GHMC elections. JP opposed Telangana government’s ideas of constructing Telangana Kalabharati in the place of NTR stadium and Vinayak Sagar at Indira Park. He is interacting with people at NTR Stadium, playing cricket with youngsters. NTR stadium has only large playground available for areas RTC cross roads, Domalguda, Ashok nagar and surrounding areas. Big events like book fair, 1 crore lights festivity are all held in NTR stadium. Many play cricket at the stadium. Indira Park, on the other hand is convenient for walking. Thousands of people are seen walking in the park. The thought of demolishing these places which are of great use to public and constructing Kala Bharati and Vinayak Sagar in their places was revolted by Lok Satta. President of Greater Hyderabad Lok Satta, Dosapati Ramu is transforming it into a protest. A Signature campaign was also launched by him. The protest by Lok Satta is supported by prominent persons like Musheerabad Sitting MLA Dr.Lakshman, former MLA Kodanda Reddy.

A dharna was recently held at Indira Park by Lok Satta. JP who took part in the dharna fired over KCR government. “Make a note you fools, you are meant to be there for us, not we for you! We have given you power to serve us, not to rule us. KCR is not the king of this province and moreover, this is not a kingdom. KCR was also put behind bars in the past. Believing that he develops Telangana, KCR  has been elected but not to act insane”, he pointed. “If you want to build Kala Bharati, build it in some government land that is abducted or build it in the place of Secretariat after it is shifted to Erragadda. We will not stay calm if you dismantle NTR stadium”, condemned JP. He blasted those officials who are giving such ideas to the government saying that they are sitting and growing tummies but not putting their thinking caps on.

However, JP coming forward, interacting with public and condemning public issue is exciting his followers and party units.

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