05/9/15 6:36 AM

Lokesh is Entirely Different from Jagan in that Matter




YS Jagan is the son of former Chief Minister. Nara Lokesh is the son of present Chief Minister. Jagan never went to secretariat while YS Rajashekhara Reddy was in power AND Lokesh had also not been to secretariat till date. Jagan never bothered about the state during YSR’s term as CM. He lived in Bangalore, visited Hyderabad at times, finished his work and returned to Bangalore. Lokesh on the other hand, is living in Hyderabad and showing active participation in TDP matters, collectively working with TDP members. Most cases filed against Jagan are regarding investments. Making use of father YSR’s authority, he attracted investors to his companies. But Lokesh is doing the other way round. He is trying to bring investors to AP by making use of father Chandrababu’s authority. He went to tour the US on the purpose. However, we have to wait to see the caliber of Nara Lokesh in accomplishing the promised task. Considering situations till now, we can say that Lokesh is far better than Jagan.



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