04/27/15 8:58 AM

Love Affair doesn’t Mean ‘Yes to Sexual Relationships’!



A Delhi Court said that love affair between two cannot be taken granted for a girl’s consent for physical intimacy. In a case filed by a 26-year old woman against a man who exploited her on the pretext of marrying her, court sentenced the accused for 10 years.

A man and woman lived in neighborhood in Nabi Karim of Paharganj in Central Delhi. Friendship between the two gave way to love blossoming between them. One day the woman was taken to a hotel by the man for reason being one of his friends’ birthday. He booked a room in the hotel without her knowledge. He then raped her twice. Trying to console the sobbing victim, he said that he would marry her taking consent from both families, which made her calm down. He later scampered her hopes saying that he could not marry her as his mother was not approving it and he even threatened to defame her if she leaked the matter to family members.

But the victim gathered enough courage and told everything to her mother, who alleged the victim to lodge complaint against the man (Rajiv Mourya) in a local police station. Police who had the case filed arrested Rajiv. While Rajiv Mourya claimed innocence in the case, Court’s additional session judge Kaveri Baweja convicted him for 10 years. “A woman agreeing a love proposal should not be considered her consent for sexual relationship”, said the Court.

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