06/4/15 6:10 AM

Low Rainfall Detected this Year also..



There are chances of the country being prone to drought since low rainfall is detected this year also. The Weather Forecast Center stated that in 2015, very low rainfall will be observed in India. As per recent reports, the rainfall this year in India will be observed to be lesser than the least recorded rainfall of 89 cm in past 50 years ie., in 1950-2000. The forecast center reported that the highest rainfall that could be observed will be only 66 percent. Rainfall recorded between 90 and 96 percent is generally regarded as less rainfall, between 90 and 104 is regarded as normal rainfall, between 104 and 110 is high rainfall and above 110 percent is called highest rainfall. Contrary to all these, the highest rainfall to be observed this year is estimated to be as low as 66 percent this year.



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