05/14/15 8:07 AM

Luxembourg PM Xavier to Marry Gay Partner





Prime Minisiter of Luxembourg in Europe, Xavier Bettel is getting married. Xavier is getting married to his gay partner. Prime Minister’s wedding definitely makes news. But this marriage being a gay one, it has become even more popular. The gay wedding will be held grandly next week.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is a gay and has been in same-sex relationship since past 6 years with Gauthier Destenay. Xavier and Gauthier who decided to spend rest of their lives together have decided to get married. Xavier officially announced about their marriage that is going to happen soon. The wedding will be witnessed at Roman Catholic Church in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Xavier Better who took charge as the Prime Minister of Luxembourg in 2013 took up seriously the upgradation of rights of gays, lesbians, transgenders and bi-sexuals. 2 months ago, he legalized gay marriages. This being the first gay wedding of a Prime Minister so far is creating anxiety worldwide.


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