06/5/15 8:51 AM

Maggi is not Harmful to You: Nestle CEO

On the backdrop of raged Maggi issue in India, Nestle has given explanation. Eating Maggi noodles is not harmful, said Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke. He said that they are currently taking back the stocks of Maggi from India temporarily, under the context of issue and that Maggi does not contain Monosodium glutamate. Bulke mentioned that quality of product is their major concern. Indians have trusted them for 30 years and the standards followed in India are only followed all around the world, the CEO expressed. They are communicating with the officials of Indian Food and Drug Administration regarding Maggi issue. Paul made clear that they will enter the Indian market after regaining the trust of Indians. He said that the Indian market is crucial to them and that is the reason he is here. Wherever he is, Paul said that the right decisions will be taken.

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