08/13/15 9:28 AM

Maggi Noodles: Ban Lifted by Bombay High court?


The Bombay High Court lifted ban imposed on Maggi Noodles in the country. However, the HC ordered fresh tests to be conducted to prove that the instant noodles does not contain excess amount of lead. It is known that the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in june, referred to Maggi as ‘hazardous and unsafe for consumption’.




The HC told Nestle that over the next six weeks, it must get five samples of its instant noodles tested by three accredited labs to prove the amount of lead is within permissible limits. If results are in favor  of Nestle, it is allowed to sell Maggi noodles in the market. ‘Around 2,700 Maggi samples were examined during the course of last two months in various laboratories across the world and most samples proved lead content is far below permissible levels’ said Nestle spokesperson.



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