06/9/15 9:50 AM

Maggi Tastemaker is More Harmful than Maggi Noodles

maggi taste maker


A new twist is observed daily in the Maggi noodles issue. The permissible level of lead content in products like Maggi is 0.01-2.5 ppm range. In examinations done on Maggi noodles, it was found that the lead content is in 2.8 to 5.0 ppm range. Also harmful monosodium glutamate is being used excessively for making the product tastier, revealed the tests. Recently, a video showing how harmful and hazardous the Maggi tastemaker is has gone viral. In the video, when the tastemaker is lit with fire, bright flames are observed. This proves that not only Maggi noodles are dangerous but also its tastemaker. Take a look at the video here:




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