12/30/15 11:05 AM

Mahesh Babu Adopts Baahubali Sentiment



Baahubali..The prestigious epic film that introduced Telugu Cinema to world market. Superstar Mahesh Babu seems to be adopting a sentiment of Baahubali. Audio launches of Telugu films are usually held in Hyderabad city. They are rarely conducted in any other cities. Also other launches other cities will have lot of expenditure. The entire team should be provided with flight tickets, accommodation in star hotels etc. If launch is held in Hyderabad itself, guests can also easily attend the function. That is the reason producers usually prefer Hyderabad for audio launches and other events. Coming to Baahubali, audio launch was actually very grandly planned in Hyderabad city but due to some issues and unavailability of venues later, they had to launch audio outside the city. The audio launch of Baahubali the Beginning took place in Tirupathi with the blessings of deity Lord Sri Venkateswara and stood unbeatable with its success. Prince Mahesh is now planning audio launch of his next film Brahmotsavam in Tirupathi. So, Mahesh is adopting the sentiment of Baahubali for his next. If Brahmotsavam also scores immense hit, it is possible that many audio launches could take place in Tirupathi in future.



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