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Mahesh Comments on Extramarital Affairs




In an interview that superstar Mahesh Babu gave to an English magazine, he revealed some interesting things. When asked “You are among the rare stars who are loyal to their wives”, Mahesh said, “I don’t have the energy, to be honest. Once you are married and have your children, I think that is the most beautiful life and then you are committed to your work. These thoughts don’t go into your head. And I feel it’s very immature to let these thoughts go in your head. I don’t think mature men will be not loyal to their wives. Men who are not loyal to their wives are foolish”. When asked that this would not stop actresses from flirting with him, Prince said, “That’s okay, as long as it’s not serious. All women think I am good looking and that’s fine, but going beyond that I don’t think so”. Speaking of his wife Namrata, Mahesh Babu said, “We got married in 2005 and we were dating for four years before that, so it’s been 14 years that we have been together. The one thing I like about her the most is that I am myself with her. And that was the case even when I was dating her. I don’t have to say something to her to make her happy. Even when we go for a holiday, I do my own things, she does her own things. It’s very chilled out and we are more like friends. I am very, very happy that she is in my life as she takes care of everything for me and in that way I am very lucky. I am very bad with finances (just as I was with Maths) and don’t know anything about that. I can just concentrate on my work. Also she is very good at it and all the money is in her hands and she decides where to invest it. She negotiates the money, my work is to just act. I think she too likes that I am who I am and am simple and normal and that I don’t carry my stardom home”.


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