07/14/15 5:09 AM

Mahesh Srimanthudu is Inspired by Two Hit Movies?


Srimanthudu casts superstar prince Mahesh Babu in the direction of Koratala Siva. The two teasers of Srimanthudu that were released, remind us of two different movies, one being Rudraveena of megastar chiranjeevi and the other being Swades of Shahrukh Khan. Both the movies bear the concept of hero adopting a village and transforming it. While Chiranjeevi acts a Hindu Brahmin youth in Rudraveena, Shahrukh, an NRI in Swades.




On watching the teaser, it is understood that Mahesh plays an NRI in Srimanthudu. “My name is Harsha.They say I have everything but there is something else that I want. Feel like going to any extent to achieve it”, says Mahesh Babu in Srimanthudu teaser, introducing himself. “Do you think adopting a place means offering money, laying colorful roads and leaving? It means that I adopt each and every one of you”, he says. This dialogue clarifies that like Swades, Srimanthudu deals with the hero transforming a village totally. This is about reel life. Coming to real life, Mahesh has implemented the same. He adopted his father, superstar Krishna’s birthplace Burripalem. His brother-in-law, MP Galla Jayadev is developing the village. Director Koratala Siva’s first movie coming with the concept of a man (Sathyaraj) sacrificing for his village is remarkable. However, if Mahesh could spread this idea of adopting villages through his movie, he will be benefitting the society.



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