05/15/15 9:58 AM

Malitiamen Rape 127 Women in Congo


The ruthless attacks by Army militia on east Congo has been beyond limits. Along with attacking people, malitiamen are looting their homes and committing to sexually assaulting women. One such attack came into light lately.








Army militia attacked a town in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on 1st may. They rushed into houses and raped women. Around 127 women were raped in the ruthless attack. Victims include women in the age group from 14 through 70. Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an NGO, brought the violent attack into limelight. Victims here usually don’t report this type of aggression for fear of retaliation by armed groups or rejection by their own community, said MSF. The organization said that it is treating the women who had been victims of the sexual assault. MSF expressed anger that the government has not been concerned about large-scale sexual assaults happening since past 20 years. MSF said that government is unable to stop them, though army commanders have already signed that they would not attack women. The NGO in fact argued that the rights groups are making use of rape as a weapon.


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