12/14/15 12:46 PM

IAF Officer Abuses Child and Kills Himself




A retired IAF officer in Delhi who sexually abused a child later killed himself out of guilt by jumping in front of a train. Going into detail…

A 62-year-old retired IAF officer lived in his brother’s apartment in Sunlight Colony, Delhi. They lived on 2nd floor in the apartment. His tenants who lived on 4th floor have an eight-year-old daughter. When the girl was on her way from tuition class at around 5:00 PM on saturday, the man who was alone at home invited her to come in. When she did, he sexually assaulted her, threatened her not to disclose it to anyone and promised several gifts to her. When the girl left to her house, her parents who suspected something was not right, questioned her. She told them what had happened and they complained to police, who shifted her to a hospital. Meanwhile, the retired officer who could not overcome guilt of abusing a child decided to kill himself and called his brother. He told him about what he had done and said that he could not face anyone. The brother immediately informed police, who got information after a few minutes that the man jumped in front of a train at Nizamuddin Railway Station and killed himself.



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