05/6/16 2:40 PM

Man Breaks into Mortuary to have Sex with Dead Woman

Women are facing a lot of trouble now-a-days. There is threat everywhere and they are not safe even in their homes. They have to stay alert all the while as they can be attacked at any moment even in bright daylight. Numerous cases of rapes and sexual assaults are being observed in present society. But the incident that took place recently has dumbstruck everyone who got to know what exactly happened. A man who was totally blinded by his sexual desire went all the way to a level where he broke into mortuary to have sex with dead woman.

Going into detail, the incident took place in Vincent de Paul Hospital in Oran in Argentina. An unidentified person entered the hospital when security personnel were away. He broke into the hospital ‘s mortuary, pulled out a secured dead body of a woman and had sex. Officials who witnessed this on CCTV cameras immediately alerted security by ringing alarm. Security men rushed to the mortuary, took the man into custody and handed him over to police.

The man showed no fear even after being arrested him. In fact, he mentioned that he is fascinated about having sex with a dead woman and his desire was fulfilled. Police officials who were stunned to hear the words from him doubt his mental status. They have admitted the man to hospital for examination.



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