10/12/15 3:35 PM

Man Declared Dead Wakes up Before Post Mortem


A man was declared dead by doctors. His body was sent for post-mortem. But he shockingly woke up right before post-mortem could be conducted. Going into detail…




At around 11:15 AM on Sunday, police in Sion area of Mumbai received a phone call that informed about a man lying unconscious at ST bus stand near Sulochana Shetty Marg. They reached the spot to see what actually happened. They shifted him to Lokmanya Tilak General Hospital (Sion Hospital) where Chief Dr. Rohan Rohan Rohekar declared the man dead upon examining his pulse. “The dead body was covered with a white cloth and the doctor made an entry about the death in the casualty ward diary and a death intimation report was prepared,” said a police official. The body was initially moved to mortuary and later arrangements were made to be taken for post-mortem. While hospital staff were about to shift the man’s body to first floor for post-portem, they noticed that the man was still breathing.  As the staff members reached out for doctor, the man woke up. On knowing this, the Chief Doctor who declared the man dead reportedly tore off the entry sheet that he wrote, declaring the man dead. He also transferred the case to ENT department, said a police official who was present at the hospital, say sources.



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