01/22/16 5:47 PM

Man Forces Wife to Walk Naked on Streets of NYC


A shocking incident took place in New York City in America. A cruel man forced his wife to walk naked on the streets. He filmed when she did that and uploaded on the internet. Going into detail..

A 22-year-old woman named Alexin is a resident of New York. She got married in 2015 and was secretly dating seven other men. She kept texting those men half a day daily. She sent her naked photos and videos to them. As her husband got to know what she was doing, he was totally infuriated. He pulled her out of their house and made her walk naked on the streets of NYC.

Alexin initially walked with a towel on but the man pulls it off. He asks her to pay for what she had done by walking that way. He warns her that he would post the video online. The man’s pervert act has been receiving severe backlash on social media.



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