10/31/15 11:34 AM

Man Found Eating Human Flesh




A young man in a village in Uttar Pradesh has been arrested for cannibalism (eating human flesh). Going into detail..

A 25-year-old man named Akhilesh from Sultanpur district near Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh stole human body parts from a graveyard. He was later found eating the flesh by residents of Surajnagar village, who immediately informed the same to police official. “Villagers had come here for the cremation of a body when they noticed this man getting too close to a burning pyre. When they chased him, he ran away and hid himself under a bedsheet inside a room at shamshan ghat,” said a local resident. A police official SN Singh told that the person seems to be mentally ill and medical tests will be conducted. He also mentioned that recovered objects will be sent to forensic lab for examination.



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