12/21/15 4:40 PM

Man Jumps into Tiger Enclosure



Do you know what a man had done for the sake of thrill? He jumped into a tiger enclosure in a zoo. A 40-year-old man who was going by chairlift that goes above tiger enclosure in a zoo in China suddenly jumped out of it. He fell on a net that was tied at a height above ground. A tiger that saw him fall was ready to prey on him. Meanwhile, a zoo safety staff member immediately got on to the net and got the man down. With this, the over-enthusiast’s life has been saved. Other onlookers at the zoo were shocked to see what the man had done.  When zookeeper asked him why he had jumped, the answer that the man gave was that he had done it for ‘thrill’. He also told them that he did not jump properly!



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