05/19/16 4:15 PM

Man kills another man for Cat


We have recently heard of an incident in which a son killed his father for not bringing chicken home. Here is an incident which is even more shocking. Going into detail…

Nallabothula Chinna Mahanandi of Lakshmipuram in Pagidyala mandal has been raising a cat since two years. He named the cat Bujji and looks after him like his own child. The cat is his first priority at any given time. Mahanandi ‘s wife had a doubt that the chickens in the house are disappearing after the cat had come to their house. With this, she handed the cat over to Yellappa on 3rd January. That man killed the cat, cooked it and ate it. Mahanandi who went home that night searched for the cat everywhere. When he could not find the cat, he questioned his family members. They told him the truth. He was very furious on them and got into a fight with Yellappa. When Mahanandi hit the other man with a rock, he died on spot. Mahanandi escaped. Police filed a case based on complaint lodged by Yellappa ‘s son ‘s complaint. Now, 5 months after the incident took place, Mahanandi has been arrested.

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