09/9/15 9:06 AM

Man on Drugs at McDonalds Troubles Police for 7Min-Viral Video


The incident in which a man on drugs caused ruckus and troubled people took place in McDonalds at Riverdale park of Canada. Being unable to stop him from throwing chairs away, when staff called police, they reached the place and tried to get hold of the man named Marcus Anthony Moratelli. Then started the trouble. Officers played all tactics on him but in vain.




Truncheon was used by police, but failed. They punched the man, but it was of no use. Pepper spray also failed to work on him. They finally pulled him to ground, handcuffed and arrested him. Doubting his super powers, police officers took the man to a hospital for examination, where doctors revealed that the man was high on a drug named PCP, which helped him tolerate the pain.

A spectator named Ricky Martinez captured the entire scene which lasted for 7 minutes and uploaded it on web. The video has now gone viral. Watch it below:




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