05/9/15 9:15 AM

Man Raped by 3 Women; Semen Stolen


While women all around the world are worried about continual rapes, the scenario in South Africa is entirely different. Rape cases against men are increasing in number in that country. A fresh case in which one man was sexually assaulted by 3 women in Gauteng is shocking everyone. Going into detail..





A 33 year-old man was walking through Seyisi road in Gauteng. Meanwhile, 3 women who drove towards him in a black BMW car tried to abduct him. When the man resisted, they forced him into their car at gunpoint. He was taken to a place 500 km away from where he was kidnapped, after which he was forced to consume a drug and then raped.

They allegedly collected his semen in plastic bags, which they stored in a cooler. They then abandoned him in a field and drove away. Case was filed and police already started investigating. Constable Mncedi Mbombo said that this is not new to them as they have been witnessing rape cases on men by women since quite some time but he said that stealing semen is something that is unbelievable.


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