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Man Sleeping Beside Dead Wife Since 11 Years!

Vietnam dead wife 11 years

There are many love stories in the world that either blossomed or failed. Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Devadas-Parvathi, Saleem-Anarkali are the examples of true love. A man who has immense love for his wife has been living with her dead body since she 11 years. Going into detail…


Vietnam dead wife 11 years


Le Van from the Quang Nam province, Vietnam, lost his wife in 2003. Life and death are inevitable for any person. Van sobbed when his wife left him. He could not pass away along with his wife. He spent 20 months at her grave. Le Van who observed wind and rainfall on the grave got an idea.

Le in 2004 dug his wife’s remains ie., bones and part of her body that was not yet decomposed from her grave. Making use of paper and clay and the dug material, he made a human body and attacked a mask to its face. He dressed it and started sleeping beside it as if it was his wife. His son also accompanied him, sleeping beside the body since 11 years. The matter that came into light lately is going viral over social media.



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