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Manchu Lakshmi Dongata Movie Review





Story & Screenplay: Vamsi Krishna, Producer: Lakshmi Manchu, Music: Sai Karthik, Raghu Kunche, Satya Mahaveer

In case Mohan Babu had 3 sons, Tollywood might have been blessed with another great hero. While his 2 sons have been the Ok type heroes, after watching Dongata you will definitely feel that Lakshmi Manchu should have been a hero. For Manchu Lakshmi….. Wait, only meant for Manchu Lakshmi, Vamsi Krishna had scripted and perfectly screenplayed the story.


Sruthi (Lakshmi Manchu) is a heroine. She will be kidnapped by 3 members namely Venkat (Adivi Sesh), Vijju (Madhu) and Katam Raju (Prabhakar) for the sake of money. Since Sruthi is an actress and media would make ruckus if news that she has been kidnapped is let out, the case will be assigned to a private detective named Brahmi (Brahmanandam). Brahmi is a resident of America who comes to India to investigate the case. Brahmi is the boss of Vijju, one of the kidnappers and Sruthi will be kept in Brahmi’s house itself. Brahmi can’t let the matter out though he sees Sruthi in his own house as he thinks that police would definitely not believe when he says that someone tied Sruthi up in his house. So, he acts as if he is seriously trying to investigate the case. ACP (Pruthvi) and Brahmi who are investigating the case are always behind Sruthi’s mother, trying to impress her. Thus the first half goes on with a blend of comedy. An unexpected twist will be shown in the film just before interval. Who are the ones who kidnapped Sruthi, why do they abduct her… revealing that will make you miss the thrill while watching the film Dongata. So, let’s stop it here.


Vamsi Krishna is a debutant, but he showed the film like a director with lot of experience. Except for a few scenes in the second half of Dongata, the movie is never boring. Pre-interval twist, pre-climax twist and climax are the highlights of Dongata. Manchu Lakshmi, Brahmanandam, Adivi Sesh, Pruthvi, Pragati(Lakshmi’s mother) impressed with their action. Prabhakar was awarded a good character.

‘Endhiro’ song sung by Manchu Lakshmi during the first half and the party song in which stars Nagarjuna, Ravi Teja, Rana, Nani, Manchu Manoj, Tapsi, Simbu sizzle are good. Burra Sai Madhav had written great dialogues. A few high depth dialogues were written but did not fit well in the film. Some dialogues like ‘SIM is small to look at, but it has network all over the world’ are good to hear. In the existing 3 songs in the film, Endhiro song sounds good and party song looks good. Dongata can happily be watched once in this hot summer.

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Rating : 3.0/5.0

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