01/18/16 11:07 AM

Mani Ratnam Chance to Balakrishna Daughter

As Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 99th film Dictator film has hit the theatres, the actor is planning to kick start his 100th film soon. Balakrishna recently interacted with a leading newspaper daily and shared many interesting things about his life, career and other aspects. He revealed that his daughter Nara Brahmini was once approached by director Mani Ratnam for a role in his film.
“Brahmini, got a call from director Mani Ratnam about a role. I didn’t have any objections and I told them I would be happy to ask my daughter on their behalf. So I did.. but she declined — her choice. I asked my younger daughter, Teju too but she wasn’t showing any interest either.” he said revealing that his both daughters showed no interest in making acting debut. But his son Nandamuri Mokshagna is waiting for his turn and that he will most probably be launched by the end of this year.

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