02/5/16 4:38 PM

Marry 4 women, Have 10 or 20 Kids: Owaisi


The kind of offensive remarks that Owaisi brothers make is well known to entire India. It is known that the Congress party that stood in their support till now has totally screwed Akbaruddin Owaisi to maximum extent during GHMC election period. Akbaruddin Owaisi once again proved his stubbornness during the elections. He is one of the leaders who is supposed to convince people that there are adverse affects of possessing more than one wives in the present society but he senselessly blabbered in support of it. ”You are jealous that Muslim men are marrying four or five women and having ten to twenty children. If you want, you do the same as well. Did we ask you not to do so?”…this was what he said keeping Hindu people in mind.

Bringing up one or two children is itself quite difficult in present world. In such a scenario, Owaisi made comments that one should marry four women and have 10 kids. Is it the right thing for him to do? Instead of educating muslims in an appropriate manner, he made annoying comments. May be it is because the Owaisi brothers are trying to get a strong grip on all Muslims in the name of their customs.



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