09/12/15 6:46 AM

Mecca Crane Mishap Kills 107 Devotees

mecca crane collapsed

mecca crane collapsed


A mournful accident took place while expansion work was being carried out at Mecca masjid in Saudi Arabia. A huge crane broke and collapsed over devotees in the masjid, killing 107 of them, of which 9 were Indians. Casualities could possibly increase in number. Stampede is generally witnessed in Mecca during the Haz yatra. Many lost lives in various incidents. For this reason, work is being carried out to expand the area of the masjid by nearly 4 lakh sq meters. Thousands of people visited Mecca masjid for offering Friday namaz. That was when the disturbing incident took place. A crane collapsed on devotees. Those people who were injured were admitted to hospital.



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