05/29/15 12:02 PM

Media! Try to Show Both Sides of a Coin..

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A few days ago, news that Hare Krishna diamond company rejected a Muslim MBA student’s job application out of religious discrimination has made headlines in every media house. The company was slammed by media for mailing him saying that they do not offer jobs top Muslim candidates. A few famous media persons like Rajdeep Sardesai, Barqa Dutt, Pranay Ram shouted on top of their voices that Muslim minorities are being suppressed etc. Debates and discussions were also conducted on the topic. Showing only one side of a coin, they are cheating the people of India.


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It is true that Hare Krishna diamond company rejecting an MBA student Zeshan Ali Khan’s job application saying that they do not hire Muslims is absolutely not right. Under the same lines, many other companies advertise daily saying that they offer jobs only to Muslims and Christians and no Hindus are allowed. Of these ads, some are published by Governmental organisations as well. Why was this issue never raised by media in the past? In the next pages, you can witness advertisements posted by some companies in last 15 days stating that they offer jobs only to Muslims.


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