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Mega Heroes Odd Behavior in Public!




It is obvious that mega family heroes’ behavior in public is strange now-a-days. They are exhibiting extreme levels of anger and impatience for every small thing, and degrading themselves. The way Naga Babu fired on Pawan Kalyan’s  fans on Chiranjeevi’s 60th birthday, the way Megastar Chiranjeevi fired on a mega fan at audio launch venue of Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee, recently how Allu Arjun warned a fan at his in-laws’ place in Nalgonda.. these are examples of the odd behavior of mega heroes.



Allu Arjun visited his in-laws’ place Chintapally in Nalgonda district for Dasara. When people in and around the village got to know that he was there, they all gathered in huge numbers at the house. One of the acquaintances of Sneha Reddy’s family tried to control the crowd. Meanwhile, a stranger who was there to get a glimpse of Allu Arjun pushed this man. Bunny was very furious that he questioned the man why he was manhandling the youth and warned him. Coming to reality, there is no need of Bunny’s to react too much here. It would be fine if he told him the same thing by standing where he was, instead of getting off the stage, moving toward the man and warning him. Allu Arjun has got good name in industry not only as a star hero but also a great character. This kind of incidents taking place among audiences when they are crowded is common. Bunny really need not have to become so furious with this small incident. Celebrities should not react to every small issue when they are with public.

Let us consider Megastar Chiranjeevi’s incident. A fan tried to attract Chiranjeevi’s attention during audio launch of Bruce Lee The Fighter by offering Namasthe to him every now and then. This irritated and made Chiru furious. It is true that what the fan did was not right. But did Chiranjeevi incur any loss because of it? It was just irking him since the man was continuously greeting him. Chiranjeevi could have adjusted to this. But he did not. Instead, he scolded him stupid outside the venue as if the fan committed a disaster. Yes, the fan annoyed megastar. But is it really necessary that the hero reacts that much to it? Did Chiranjeevi forget that he is in such high stage because of fans like him?

Naga Babu’s incident..The mega actor came down heavily on powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s fans. When a similar situation arised at Sher audio launch for Kalyan ram, we all know how he handled Balakrishna’s fans in a matured manner and kept their mouths shut.

Taking all these into account, we can say that mega heroes’ behavior is awkward now-a-days. It is better that mega celebrities try to stay balanced when they are with public. Response to such small issues is not necessary. If they continue reacting too much to every negligible incident, since media is highly active, mega heroes will be embarrassing themselves.



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