Fans are God. Fans are my family, my friends, my wellwishers..It is your admiration that brings me to this level… These are the words usually heard from megastar Chiranjeevi. He praises fans whenever he is on a stage. Such is the love he has for them.

Anyone who notices this feels Chiranjeevi has endless love for his fans. But megastar fires on fans too. He called them ‘Stupid’! In an incident that took place recently, megastar burst on a fan who admired him. He scolded him.

The incident took place on the evening when audio launch of Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee The Fighter was held. A fan tried to win megastar’s attention by greeting him (saying Namasthe) a number of times. He was present near Chiranjeevi’s vehicle along with other fans and greeted the when he was getting into his car. Another fan tried to click a selfie with megastar but was pushed aside by his security guards.

Chiranjeevi who was annoyed by the act lost his temper and fired on the fan saying ‘Every now and then you disturb me saying Namasthe while I speak on stage, how many times will you greet me? Whenever I see, you keep doing that. Stupid’. He then got into his car and left the place.

As Chiranjeevi always keeps a cool head, people around him were shocked at once to see him abuse a fan. Since a fan’s act was annoying, Chiranjeevi could not control himself and hence burst out. One of the persons who were there the incident occurred recorded it and uploaded on social media. It has gone viral ever since it has been uploaded on YouTube.



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