10/30/15 5:11 PM

Chiranjeevi Gives up Kaththi




It is known that megastar Chiranjeevi is to star in telugu remake of Kaththi movie. But Chiranjeevi has given up the idea, say reliable sources. Megastar has already listened to several stories for his 150th film but as he found none of them impressive, Chiranjeevi decided to star in the telugu remake of tamil superhit film Kaththi. But somehow megastar had a doubt as to whether he would suit the role played by Vijay in Kaththi or not and he also felt that his 150th film should not be a remake due to pressure from fans for a straight telugu film. With this Chiranjeevi has decided not to star in the remake of Kaththi. Mega camp says that stories for 151st and 152nd films are ready and once the announcement on 150th film is made, these will also be announced. Finally, megastar’s 150th film seems to take much more time to start off.



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