01/23/16 5:30 PM

Minor Raped in Karnataka


A woman who is to care of her child from monsters outside has turned a demon herself. She was the reason for her daughter being raped and now, she will serve the prison for what she had done.

A woman named Shobha Hadalgi resided in Ankali village in Karnataka along with her driver husband and a minor daughter. She had an extramarital affair with a man and her husband is not aware of it. The woman encouraged her boyfriend to assault her daughter. While she forced her daughter to indulge in sexual activity with him for two years, the girl managed to lodge a complaint with the police on May 2nd, 2013. “It was only at the instance of my mother that Appasab Koli repeatedly sexually assaulted me,” she mentioned in the complaint. After investigation, court found both Koli and Shobha guilty and referred the girl to Legal Services Authority to provide compensation to her. Court sentenced both the woman and her illegal partner for seven years of rigorous imprisonment.



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