11/9/15 1:56 PM

Modi Gets Perfect Opponent




Narendra Modi has finally got a perfect opponent. ‘Congress does not come back till there is Rahul, third front is impossible, it is me will rules the nation during next 10 years’..This is what Modi generally presumes. Modi who considers ministers as nothing and thinks that he is the one and only power, has now got the right competitor in the form of Nithish. Nithish now looks like a leader to all anti-Modi forces. He appears as a ray of hope to Mamtha, Kejriwal, Abdullah, Naveen Patnaik, KCR, Chandrababu, Uddhav Thackarey etc. Congress is making plans to announce Nithish as the person it supports for PM post during next Lok Sabha elections. Since Congress will not get a chance in next election also, the party is planning to offer support to Nithish, say sources. So, ground is being prepared to see that votes against Modi do not get distributed, and to project Nithish in place of Modi. Plans are being sketched to introduce Nithish to national level politics in 2017. Promoting that Nithish developing Bihar which is believed to be very backward is very much greater than Modi developing the already advanced Gujarat is the aim.



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