05/15/15 12:04 PM

Modi in Delhi, Mini Modi in Telangana: Rahul Gandhi






Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed Telangana CM KCR as mini-Modi. Rahul Gandhi, after his padayatra in Adilabad gave his speech at a meeting held in Wadyal. He said that there is a Modi in Delhi and another Modi in the state, but neither is concerned about problems faced by farmers. He criticized that none of the two has done something for the people. He asserted if Modi and KCR do not even have time to console farmers who were affected due to unseasonal rains. Modi has been saying ‘Acche Din Aaya’ (Good days have come), but Rahul slammed those words saying that good days have come for Modi and not for the people. Those two leaders are deceiving people with their gimmicks. Rahul questioned if KCR provided employement to atleast an individual during his past 1 year term as CM of Telangana. He expressed displeasure as he said that while UPA government brought Land Acquisition Act forward to favor farmers, the BJP government has made several changes to it so that it is inclined towards corporate sector. Farmer is the backbone of development, congress party brought about waiver on loans taken by farmers, reminded Rahul Gandhi. He assured peasants not to worry and said that congress party will fight for their welfare. He promised them that congress party will always be on their side.

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