12/15/15 12:48 PM

Modi is a Psychopath: Kejriwal

kejriwal office raid

kejriwal office raid


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal accused PM Narendra Modi as a psychopath after raid on his administration headquarters today. Kejriwal took to Twitter to mention about the raid. CBI officials on the other hand mentioned that the raid is aimed at Kejriwal’s Secretary Rajendra Kumar. A spokesperson said that Kejriwal’s office was not targeted. “We are investigating a case against a staffer from the chief minister’s office. Our team didn’t raid the chief minister’s office but restricted entry to certain areas.” said CBI spokesperson RK Gaur. He said that there were allegations of corruption on Rajendra Kumar and he was issued notices on the same. But there was no response from him and we had to raid his office, said Gaur.

The Aam Admi Party (AAP) severely condemned the raid. AAP leader fired saying that Modi is creating emergency situation in the state. They said that this is the first time ever that a Chief Minister’s office is raided and it is taking place based on instructions from Prime Minister Modi.








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