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Modi One Year Progress Card: 8 Plus, 9 Minus Points




An American proverb says “Vote for someone who makes less number of promises because you will be disappointed less”. What the proverb actually means is that when we vote for someone who makes numerous promises and they do not keep their word after winning elections, there is scope for huge disappointment in us. Same is the case with our PM Narendra Modi. He made umpteen promises to win election, without thinking of the possibility to implement them. Modi who never thought that he would win with such huge majority, showed colorful India to people in his words while campaigning. Let us see whether Modi paved way towards implementing his promises during the past one year or not.

Achievements of Narendra Modi in past one year:

1.Foreign Policy: Due to the policy followed by UPA government in foreign affairs, enmity has raged between India and other nations. Even Bangladesh that formed a separate nation after parting from India became a rival to India. For gaining support of Tamil parties, we unnecessarily developed bitterness with Sri Lanka. Taking this as an opportunity, China is establishing its province around India under the name of string of pearls. That was when Modi concentrated mainly on the foreign policy. Foreign tours, way of tackling countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal has brought about a change in the scenario. Tours conducted in America and China can also yield good results in future.

2.No Scams: Another achievement of Modi is running the government without letting any scams head out. We can just mention ‘without heading out’ and not ‘without happening’ because some of them may come late into light.

3.Improving share of states in central taxes: Though there is no political good and infact there is a loss to the government because of improving it, Modi had increased share of states in central taxes from 32% to 42%. Not pressurizing states to implement one centrally-designed-strategy and offering freedom to states to design strategies as per respective requirements is a great doing.

4.Elimination of Stagnation in Defense Ministry: From 2006 through 2014, KA Anthony served as the Defence Minister. He is one of those very few loyal leaders of the Congress party. Due to fear of facing any unwanted situations that would occur on purchasing weapons (due to officials), and fearing of any corruption marks on him, Anthony did nothing big during those 8 years. Modi did a great job by appointing eligible and educated Manohar Parikar as the Defence Minister and eliminating stagnation in the department.

5.Social Security Schemes: Modi’s government got new features to these schemes. Though they were designed during the rule of congress, Modi’s government added some life insurance features etc to these schemes for common people and publicizing them. Pradhan Mantri Jana-Dhan Yojan, Padhan Mantri Bhima Yojan, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Yojan, Atal Pension Yojan.. These are schemes offered by Modi to common people.

6.The Main-Hoon-Na-Bharosa: Though many scams came into light in the country, many revolts against corruption took place, the entire country was shook by Nirbhaya’s case, the silent Manmohan Singh never assured the nation. Manmohan Singh, who was a toy in Sonia Gandhi’s hands never behaved as the Prime Minister of India. Modi who replaced such a robot Prime Minister, is assuring people in all regards. He is providing his people the ‘Main-hoon-na-bharosa’.

7.Constantly sharing information with people: Modi has been in contact with people of the country right from updated social media to the old radio. He is clearly sharing what he wants to with people through some media or the other. After India won independence, no PM shared news with the citizens of the nation like Modi.

8.Stepping towards financial development: The main aim of Modi’s government is to provide employment by encouraging industrialists. Modi’s government has been moving in that direction but the efforts being put in are not really sufficient. They are not yielding immediate results. Modi is striving hard to assure investors and attract investments from them. However, his efforts are appreciable and we can say that Modi has made improvement in the financial status of the country.


Failures of Modi in last year:

1.Breaking promise about Black Money: Modi’s government has entirely cheated the country in the case of black money. Modi who promised to bring all the black money back from abroad after winning as the PM did not even think of it later. He announced some measures for eradicating black money in future but none of them were put in action.

2.Modi Supporting Corrupt Persons: Modi who promised that special courts will be set up for all corruption cases on political leaders and superior officials and accused will be punished, did not even utter a word about it so far. Also there is a gossip that the income tax department was inclined towards Jayalalithaa in her disproportionate assets case.

3.Non-implementation of Lokpal bill: Modi assured corruption-free government but did not make any organizational arrangements for it. Without implementing the lokpal bill, he is making trials to dissolve it. A Chief Information Officer is not yet appointed. Bodies like COG and CVS are trying to be changed to ineffective ones.

4.Swacch Bharat: The biggest failure of Modi’s government is Swacch Bharat. Lack of proper planning, foresight, awareness and starting hastily, Modi’s government failed in the programme. Modi or the celebrities nominated by him… none took the campaign seriously. A great campaign turned into a stage for clicking pictures.

5.M(f)ake in India: Giving out slogans will gain votes but not investments and industries. It is easy to sell soaps or pastes but attracting investments through publicity is not possible. If big shots need to invest, Modi is required to do a lot as a Prime Minister. Modi standing on top of Red Fort and calling out ‘Come, make in India’ will do nothing. Industries will show interest in a place only when they believe that land, electricity and skilled labor…all three are available at cheaper rates. Modi is aware of all this but he did not imply any modifications so far to attract industrialists. That is the reason ‘Make in India’ remained a slogan till date.

6.Land-acquisition act: It is true that there are many flaws in the land acquisition bill passed by UPA government. But the over-excitement, lack of insight exhibited by NDA government in modifying the bill, failing to properly counter the arguments of opposition have all  resulted in Modi’s government being called the anti-farmer ‘Suit-boot-sarkar’.

7.Inability to associate with opposition: Changing a country or developing it cannot be achieved by a single person or a single political party. It is not possible without associating with other parties. Amit Shah’s irrationalism, Modi’s attitude has resulted in a united opposition for the government. It is due to Modi that the congress party which was washed out and is supposed to stay calm for atleast 2 years is starting a war again. ‘Congress mukth Bharat’ would sound good till elections. But as Modi’s government is singing the same song even after elections, Congress is putting Modi’s government in difficult times in Rajya Sabha.

8.One Man Show: Distancing senior leaders like Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Murali Manohar, giving much value to his group of followers, not believing his peers, doubts arising that ministers are being spied… all these have resulted in no collaborative efforts from the side of Modi’s government. Except a few ministers, no others are properly accomplishing their responsibilities. They are with the mindset like ‘Let us think about it when Modi tells us to’, which has impact on the entire government.

9.Inability to improvise welfare schemes: Revising the existing social welfare schemes is the need of the hour. But Modi’s government is trying to reduce the burden of welfare programmes and is not sketching any plans that suit them. Well to do people were asked to give away their gas subsidies but there is no further implementation of the same.

What would the future be like?

First year after election is the convenient period for any government to bring about revolutionary changes in a country. The eagerness and craze to do something will subside with time. As time passes by, ministers, leaders and party members will start thinking why they should be concerned. After one more year, Modi will have nothing to do in the next 3 years. So, the next one year is a very crucial period for Narendra Modi. It is high time for him to recognize skilled persons and assign responsibilities to them so that he could do something good for the nation, failing which the clear judgement given by people of India collectively after about 30 years would be in vain. He will just stand another former Prime Minister of Indian history if he does not do something for the country. So, be alert..



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