08/1/15 5:29 AM

Modi’s Challenge to AP; No Special Status, Do Whatever You Can!

modi challenge ap special status

Modi challenged people of Andhra Pradesh. “Congress Party left Andhra Pradesh half-drowned. We will drown you people totally. What can you do?”, challenged Modi’s government. “No special status and nothing. Do whatever you can”, clearly said the BJP in Lok Sabha.

BJP government rejected saying… Inefficient race, incompetent people… why do need special status? Persons who keep their mouths shut after desired contracts are awarded to them are chosen as MLAs by you people! Are you so humorless? questions BJP. It ascertains ‘why a region which has no values and thinks: “By deceiving Telangana people or by bribing Telangana politicians, the one who keeps state united is great” be valued by us’!


modi challenge ap special status


“People who project themselves as brilliants…don’t I know your level of brilliance?”, questioned BJP government. Thinking that any kind of injustice can be done to a region that hits faces of  leaders who try to solve issues with eggs, who do not have any respect for intellectuals who try explaining them to safeguard their rights and lives without losing self-respect (JP, Chalasani etc), BJP is behaving this way.

“Is there any caliber in youth who have fallen for America and those who forgot nation’s history to fight for their country?” asked Venkaiah Naidu wearing a sarcastic smile on his face. Being aware that Janasena goes into public as per callsheets and will not interact with them in near future, BJP has done injustice to AP.


ap map


BJP did not find any kind of necessity in favoring people who have got no time to react on the 1 lakh letters rebellion carried out by a 68-year-old senior leader (Lok Satta Varma). The government thought there would be no one to question though injustice is done to Andhra where media encourages riot, where media projects opportunism as cleverness, where media uses no brains, where the state lives on sympathy of central government, where parties fear about cases that might be filed against them, AP does not deserve special status.

Are people of Andhra Pradesh ashamed atleast now? Is your temper on? Is your blood boiling? Is your tone rising loud for your rights? Is your inner-self thriving Motherland? Or will you let none of these bother you and carry on with your shameful lives? Wake up!! Andhra is being ruined. You will never be forgiven by Future… It’s time to Make a Move!!



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