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Modi’s Government is Defending Jagan because…

jail jagan bjp tdp

jail jagan bjp tdp



What about cases on Jagan? Will Jagan who is bailed go back to jail again? Will Jagan be punished? The only answer for all such questions is… Whatever ‘CBI’ wants to happen will happen. What is CBI upto? Whatever the central government says, CBI implements. Will center pay seriously take up Jagan’s case? Whether you believe or not, the answer is ‘a big NO’. Yes, center will not consider Jagan’s case seriously in near future. But WHY? To know the reason…

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Modi’s government is no less than the congress in sketching plans. BJP commenting about AAP funds in past, center declining allegations over AAP in court hearings at present; Merging with PDP to form government in Jammu & Kashmir, putting aside political ethics.. after seeing all such incidents, we have to believe that Modi is not different from any normal politician. Modi during his election campaign announced that special courts will be set up to investigate corruption cases filed against political leaders and he said that all such cases would be concluded within a year. Modi has forgotten those words. He did not utter a word about implementation of Lok Pal that lashes corrupt persons. All these factors imply that Modi prefers party to nation and power to party.

As per the same policy, Modi’s government is not bothered about cases on Jagan because imprisonment of Jagan will favor Chandrababu Naidu. If Jagan is put behind bars, there will be no opposition in AP. BJP that is presently associated with TDP shows no signs of strengthening its power in AP in near future. There is no situation that people of AP believe BJP that left them disappointed in special status issue and Polavaram project matter. Modi on the other hand does not believe TDP as a reliable companion. So why would they favor TDP by putting Jagan in jail? When there is no opposition, why would TDP be associated with BJP for the next elections? These are the very questions saving Jagan. Central government will order faster CBI probe only when it makes sure that BJP will be benefitted by arresting Jagan. Jagan is absolutely safe till that time. This is the first reason for emancipating Jagan.

‘Make In India’ also has turned a boon to Jagan. Modi’s present agenda is drawing international investments and industries to India. Creating confidence in industrial sectors and generating foreign investments in India is Modi’s target. If Jagan’s illegal assets case or that of any other leader’s is proceeded, it is not just politicians but many other investors in the country will have to revolve around courts with many cases filed against them. This tarnishes business-friendly environment in India. Arresting 100 corrupt persons or providing employement to 1 lakh people through Make in India, which earns higher number of votes? It is Amit Shah’s idea that providing employment fetches more number of votes. That is the reason Modi and Amit Shah do not have the idea of ‘Corruption-free India’ in their perspective. Not allowing furthermore corruption to occur, or seeing that it does not wreck Modi though it occurs, there is no scope that Modi touches those corrupt persons for now. Because… Modi himself won through the ‘black’ funding from those business persons. Thus the second aspect safeguarding Jagan is ‘Make in India’.

Political demand in AP and creating adaptive environment for foreign investments in India are the two reasons that will make central government discard Jagan’s case. (What could the courts do when CBI probe is not being carried out properly?)

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