04/29/15 6:39 AM

Modi’s Government Whips 9000 NGOs over Foreign Funds


Modi’s government whipped NGOs in India that did not account for foreign funding received by them. Indian government cancelled licenses of around 9000 NGOs. Government gave this shocker to 8975 NGOs that have been dragging since 2009 without declaring reports about donations from abroad. When government issued notices that annual returns have to be filed by NGOs within a month, only 225 NGOs reverted on it. A cancellation order issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and uploaded to its website late on Monday said the government had cancelled registration of 8,975 associations because they did not declare details of their foreign funding for three years starting from 2009-10.

About 34 thousand associations in India have had licenses to receive foreign funds. 9000 of them being deprived of their licenses ie., 25% of the total number of NGOs is leading to political rampage. There are allegations that many NGOs under the name of service are committing to religious propagations. A few others are claimed to be funding naxalites indirectly. Also there are many NGOs obstructing nation’s financial advancement under the name of green environment. Levels of freedom and political clashes being high in India, there are many other associations curbing establishment of thermal and electrical power projects. Our neighboring country China is forging ahead without bothering about environment or human rights. But in India, number of people hindering such development are increasing in number. Protection of enivornment and human rights is essential but not to a level that we ourselves push our country backward when all other nations are advancing. Averting such associations from showing irrational behavior is good to the nation.

Highlight: Congress party that is now condemning NDA government has in 2012 cancelled licenses of 4000 NGOs.

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