05/23/15 10:36 AM

Mohan Babu Fires at Producers; Manchu Lakshmi Dongata Success Meet


Actor Mohan Babu fired on producers’ syndicate at Manchu Lakshmi’s Dongata movie success meet held at Prasad labs. He made controversial comments about producers saying that film industry is not owned by any of them. When the veteran actor spoke at the press meet, he said that some producers are deceiving actors and are not paying the actors who cast in their films. He fired that such producers will have to face bad consequences.




A person who cheats his financiers is not a producer, he is a rouge, said Mohan Babu. He said that a press meet about producers’ council will soon be arranged. He assured upcoming and small producers of supporting them. He fired that a few senior producers are ruining Tollywood. 11 producers formed producers’ syndicate under the name of ‘Associated Producers of Telugu LLP’. The committee has recently taken a disputed decision that movie advertisements can be given only in two channels and this steered controversy in Tollywood.


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