03/16/16 5:15 PM

Mohan Babu ‘s Strict Warning to Manchu Lakshmi


Within a short span after stepping in Tollywood, actor Mohan Babu ‘s daughter Manchu Lakshmi has created a special image for herself. Lakshmi who has entertained audiences as an actress has also tested luck in film production. As her recent starrer Dongata turned out to be a flop, Mohan Babu has lectured the actress on roles in films. The lecture is not for not appearing as heroine but it is about a role that Lakhsmi has appeared in recent times.  Manchu Lakshmi glitters in a scene in Rashmi Gatham ‘s recent starrer Guntur Talkies. Lakshmi who appears in the small role steals money from hero and tries to seduce him. ‘Why did you appear in a B grade film? Why did you act in such a scene?’, is what Mohan Babu asked when it went to his notice.  Manchu Lakshmi explained to father that she appeared in the film out of affection towards director Praveen Sattaru and solved the matter by promising him that she will not appear in such films in future.



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