10/3/15 10:33 AM

Money Rain: BJP Leader Showers Currency Notes With Buckets


The video of a BJP leader showering currency notes with buckets in Gujarat was captured and has gone viral on WhatsApp. Vadodara BJP wing chief Satish Patel was caught raining money on singer Kirtidan Gadhvi. The program commenced on 20th of last month, which was attended by Gujarat BJP General Secretary Shabdsharan Brahmabhatt and some corporators.




Cultural programs like this are a part of tradition in Gujarat. Money collected through these programs is used for the society. Discussion has started on social media if the money is to be made use for betterment of society, did it come right out of the minister’s pocket? The BJP leader shockingly argued that most notes showered were in denomination of Rs.10 and the notes showered will amount to not more than Rs.3 lakhs.





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